HIIIIIIIII!!!!! My name is Sunaina, which is pronounced sue-9-ah. A lot of people also call me Sunbeam, Naina or Goalgetter! So, you got your pick!

THANK YOU for visiting my site today!

I am the founder and CEO of She Shines Authentically. I specialize in helping individuals that are just starting their entrepreneurial journey and individuals that can’t seem to get around that brick wall that they hit while reaching their goals. I help them feel EMPOWERED, ENERGIZED and EAGER to reach their goals and achieve success!

I have spent the past 16 years creating my program that have helped thousands of individuals. Little did I know that in 2018 that I would plant the seed to start my business and live out my purpose, my goal!

I resides in Milwaukee, WI with my boyfriend and French Bulldog puppy! On my free time I love working out , bench press, squats and deadlifts are her jam. I also love to visit one new city every year with my boyfriend on their yearly trip. I love going to concerts and has a large range of music that I listen to, from heavy mental to country. My parents are from India but my hair is naturally red! If you hang around with me long enough I will have you believing in your true self!

They say if you hang out with me or talk to me long enough that I will have you believe in YOUR TRUE SELF!

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