“If you are ready for some blunt, honest truth then you need to get in contact with Sunaina. I still remember to this day, I was visiting her in Washington, D.C. and were sitting in her apartment and she told me that if didn’t lose weight that once I got older that I was going to have health issues. Mind you at that point I was in my early 20’s, so to hear that I was like wait that was harsh. Then on my bus ride home it stuck with me and I thought about it some more. I even remember saying, ‘She was right, but now what.’ So I told her that I was on mission to lose weight. From that day to the day of my first ever 5k she was my biggest cheerleader, guide, supporter and motivator. There would be mornings that I didn’t want to get up and workout, but I would text her and she would just know what to say. I still remember telling her after my 5k, that if it wasn’t for her that I couldn’t have lost 60 pounds and ran a 5k!”

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